The NSR brushless motor we just announced is specifically designed for the extreme ISRA Eurosport categories, that represent one of the highest technical level in the slot racing.

All the parts used in these categories are made to be extremely competitive.

We reccomend to use the NSR Ecom to properly control the NSR Brushless motor.

The motor we just announced is a very high-level product, and offers the following advantages:

– Ready To Race professional motor

– Runs from 5-38 to 5-40 gears

– Very easy to drive and faster than the majority of the strap motors
– Comes with a solid structure that allows running for thousands laps without wearing out and without losing performance.

–No maintenance required (except the ball bearings)

–No gap of performance between the motors.

– Fixed to the chassis by soldering it, without the risk of loosing screws.
– Tested and used from the whole NSR Team at Atlantic City Worlds 2023 (Pole Position in ES24)


We recommend to accurately wash the motor with water and a toothbrush every time you sold/unsold the motor to the chassis. Then dry the motor using an air compressor.
This process will avoid any rust on the motor.