No, we just make professional parts for slot racing… Let’s talk about it.

After the post about the Brushless Technology, we received lots of congratulations from people, preorders and generally so much interest about it.
However the hurricane and the confusion from some people complaining about the price is reallyunfounded.
I readed hundreds comments and I want to make it clear.

Let’s make a step behind to clarify everything.


The NSR brushless motor we just announced is specifically designed for the extreme ISRA Eurosport categories, that represent one of the highest technical level in the slot racing.
All the parts used in these categories are made to be extremely competitive.
The motor we just announced is a very high-level product, and offers the following advantages:
– Ready To Race professional motor
– runs 5-40 gears
– very easy to drive and faster than the majority of the strap motors
– runs for thousands laps without wearing out and without losing performance.
– no maintenance required (except the ball bearings)
– no gap of performance between the motors.
– fixed to the chassis by soldering it, without the risk of loosing screws.


The photo we recently posted is about the prototype motor we used in Atlantic City for the ISRA worlds.
Since its performance was very nice and lots of people asked us to sell that motors, we are going to release that first version in January 2024.

Obviously it is the only the prototype version, that’s why we partially used existing parts: to start working on something.
We bought many drone motors and hand worked on them to disassemble everything, change partswith custom made ones (for performance improvement) and assembly it again.

More specifically,  the technical process was the following:
We disassembled them, designed and made a specific rectified shaft of 1,5mm diameter for those rotors.
We projected an EDM steel + titanium parts reinforcment structure to toughly fix the rotors to the new axle.
Then we removed all the extra weight to make it as light as possible.
After that, we centered the rotor on the axle and hand-balanced all of them with specific tools.
This was a fondamental step to avoid any vibration and to give more performance to the motor.
At the end we finally assembled all the motors with the steel bracket we designed and made, alongwith the third ball bearing that ensure a stable alignment of the stator.

All of this meticolous work is made here in Italy for every single motor.
Behind it there is lots of time spent for designing, assemblying and testing everything plus all the parts bought and custom made.

Exactly the same process thanbuy the motors from China, add a NSR logo and sell it for 300€“, as an idiot wrote.

As a professional company we respect and support the market. Infact you can find our products in all the NSR retailers or on our e-commerce where you can get your order with your invoice.

We are also happy to announce that we are already working on a second version with all parts made in the NSR Factory and lots of new tech features. This stage will require more time.


The standard motor actually used in those Eurosport categories is the strap motor.

The cost to get one of those complete motors for Eurosport is about 450€ (for an high quality setupwith 24 magnets, armature and all the necessary).
This kind of motor is subject to wearing out: it keeps the good performance only for some minutes, then it starts to lose performance and after a single race you have to change it with another one (or rebuild it).
On the other hand, there is a big gap of performance between each strap motor, it can be up to 3 thent from the slowest to the fastest.

Let’s take as example a person that raced with a strap motors in the World Championship.
He needed at least: 1 motor for practice, 1 for heats, 1 for semifinal, and 1 for the final.
Total is 4 motors for a single race series, plus all the others he bought to select some faster motors.
Those 4 motors used in the race cost about 1700€, and they are going to wear out.
After you use them you have to change brushes, you have to rebalance the armature, check the other parts and rebuild everything.

So you need to have about (minimum) 2000€ of strap motors to fight for the Final in the Eurosport categories at ISRA World Championship, and after each race you have to change and rebuild them.

Well, during the ISRA Worlds 2023 in Atlantic City we compared the performance of 20 NSRbrushless motors and everyone was exactly the same.
They was all 2 tenth faster than ours strap motors, and with at least the same speed of the superfastmotors from the czech and the top guys.
We used THE SAME MOTOR for practice, heats, semi final, and final.
We did not changed neither motor, Ecom, or BRAIDS!!!!!!!!
So with 300€+taxes (total amount to buy motors and Ecom) you can have more performance and less work than what you did with 2000€ for buying those strap motors!!!!!!!!!!!!

Budrys got the Pole Position. But ok, he is fast, we know.
Paolo Sbrana, that is not a top-driver, finished P44 while his average result is P90 with strap motor.
Piero Castricone won the heats in the ES24 and he had the speed to go in the final, that is somethingnever happened with a strap motors in the last 10 years.
I personally entered in the final at my first year, that is something I could never have done withoutthe NSR brushless motor, because my strap motor was 2-3 tenth slower than my brushless.

So after all of these clear and objective data about comparing speed and costs, if you still think that our motor is expensive, probably you just need to read it again.


Is it made for plastic cars? No
Is it a standard/cheap drone motor? No
Is it made for competing in Eurosport classes? Yes
Is it faster than the majority of the strap motors? Yes
Is it cheaper than a strap motor? Yes
Is it easy to drive ? Yes
Does it last more than all existing motors? Yes
Does it reduce the costs to the high end users? Yes
Can I regularly buy it? Yes
Can I find it in my local NSR dealer? Yes
Does it kill the market ? No

We want to thank all the people that contributed to improve the Brushless Technology.
We never invented anything, we just made the fastest Ready To Race slot car brushless motor, easy to drive, capable of running for thousands laps without issues and with the best technical features available at the moment.
This motor is something that does not exist on the market and that improve the level of the slot cars racing, even reducing the costs.

We also understand those people who want to race in Eurosport categories with 15€ drone motorsaccepting all the limits and issues they have, you are free to do it guys, there’s lots of stuff availableon Aliexpress.

As professional slot cars and parts maker, we are just not interested in that area.

We care about racing, competition, being professional and we only want to make everything at the best level possible.
We offer products with these high caratheristics for people that are looking forward it.

This is NSR, making every single part for slot racing at the best professional stage.